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joyful sandwich

It’s been quite a while since I’ve written something here, saving most words for hidden pages that may (or may not) evolve into something more suitable for public reads. Internal. But, I feel lucky, and sandwiched between joyful things.

This last weekend, I went for a long run on the most beautiful road on Earth. Really. I could have just gone on and on. Utter solitude, a rushing muddy river, an overwhelming amount of green. And sun, and deliciously simple food, and blissful memories of the thirteen other times I’d been in those woods.

East Fork Run

Yesterday I was reminded again of an abundance of blessings. A friend who has been through much lately sent a photo of his two coyote-mix dogs at a lake nearby Glacier. The three were preparing to cross the border and begin a journey north to the Arctic Circle. Having driven the Alaska Highway twice, I’m overflowing with the opposite of jealousy. Only excitement that the experience is being had by three beings who very much deserve it. The dogs are old, health failing, this possibly their last big adventure. But, what lucky things they are, right now. And what lucky things we all are right in this moment, that we have so much land still to explore, the companionship of creatures with unwavering devotion, and time.

Life is good, I told him. Soak it all up. Then remembered that I too rarely take my own advice. And not frequently enough do I pay attention to the most obvious of lessons my own pup teaches me daily.



In a few days, I’ll have a story in a journal that happens to be one of my favorites. A story of mine, alongside stories and essays by damn fine writers that I admire. It’ll be another grateful-worthy thing indeed. I’ve a two-month smile.

There, sandwich.