Jessica Bryant Klagmann

explorations of simplicity, wildness, imagination. and other writerly things.


A story and essay writer, runner-with-dog, impatient baker. This is a space for meditations on the writing and publishing world: muses, oddities, simple joys, little victories.

I grew up in New Hampshire, where my affinity to the natural world was cultivated early by an herbalist mother and a farmer/beekeeper father. I received an MFA in Creative Writing from the University of Alaska Fairbanks, and there — living without running water in a 20×20 cabin — the appetite for simple living, wildness, and a thriving imagination grew.

It was also there that I discovered this: my writing perceives human relationships with the environment as magical, yet simply inevitable. The subjects of my stories and essays often become entwined with the landscapes and beings that surround them, discovering forms of solace in uncommon places. They are hermits, they are obsessives, they are awkward in the company of their own species.

Recently, my fiction and nonfiction have appeared in Burrow Press Review, Written River: A Journal of Eco-PoeticsSixfoldHippocampus Magazine, Pithead Chapel, and elsewhere. Much of my time is spent devising adventures with my also-writer husband, Jamison, and our lab-husky companion, Hazel.

east fork two (8)
One of my favorite quotes comes, naturally, from one of my favorite writers, Rick Bass. The essence of living simply — he just gets it:

“I’m learning that you can’t map happiness. You can only recognize it… All it takes is a weak radio station and breakfast and a ceiling fan and kitchen noises and puppies asleep in the back of the truck and being healthy and a white t-shirt that fits loosely, and mud drying on my boots. Yeah, go ahead and map that one if you can.”

— from Oil Notes


2 thoughts on “About

  1. hi jess, it’s will in NH. found you. hope writing goes well for you and that yours is sustained happiness

  2. hey will! glad you found me, and i’ve enjoyed reading your writings & seeing the farm–a lot of hard work there. my email address is on this site (contact), so please do keep in touch. my husband and i are planning a move out of the desert in the near future and i’m hoping that will bring us back in an eastern direction. much joy.

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